Train With a 30-Year Professional Actor And Award-Winning Producer With The Groundbreaking Technique That Has Students Raving!

Our Lead Instructor has appeared in projects on HBO, Starz, Comedy Central, FOX, TNT, CBS, ABC, the WB, and live at the MGM Grand, as well as in commercials for Pepsi, Verizon, and as the Toyota “Go To Guy”.

He’s won numerous awards for his screenwriting. He’s a working producer with a film currently in distribution talks and another in pre-production. His experience in front of and behind the camera is extensive.

Now he’s here to impart his wealth of knowledge to YOU!

But Don't Take Our Word For It!

Listen to what our students have to say...

I have signed with four agencies since being in this class, booked numerous commercials, a TV Pilot..and been invited to a seminar in New York this upcoming winter to meet some agents and casting directors there.
-Natalia A.
Bob Caso has an amazing way of bringing out the best in each actor. Yes, I HIGHLY recommend his class to any and all students no matter your background or previous training.
-Hannah G.
I have learned so much not only about acting, but about the industry as well which is just as important. Since joining I have gotten an agent and booked a couple of projects with the tools I’ve learned while taking this class.
-Brandie H.
I've been taking classes with [Bob's school] for a little over a year now. In that time, I have seen an increase in bookings, auditions, signed with a few new agents and feel more confident.
-Angela R.
Throughout my career I've gone to a handful of acting classes and there is no better class than [Bob's school]. Bob provides a judgment free, safe and fun class environment for his students to work towards their highest abilities.
-Dana M.
Since I started training with Bob, I booked my first feature film and TV show role. This is the class you need to be in if you are serious about making a career out of acting.
-Tyler R.

Discover The “No-Method” Technique That Gets Results In A Fraction Of The Time of Traditional Systems

You won’t find Meisner in this class or “The Method”, and you won’t find something you’ve had before - Bob utilizes his own intuitive system of no-nonsense acting work that will develop your skill in no time.

Using fine-tuned monologue work, scene study, and precise script and character analysis he brings the performer through the full process of developing a character, and then working skill like a muscle until you can do it in your sleep. Your total ability to be the character and truly perform then follows.

Want to see a few examples? Just check out these students from Bob’s east coast class:

Get Your Performances On Tape!

Bob gets his students to some of the highest levels of acting dexterity, and part of that is being able to put out a solid performance for the camera! After all, that’s why we’re here.

To this end we host events where we shoot high-quality performances for our students (like the videos above). You’ll have the chance to get your own scenes on tape - which aside from being great for practice, gives you more reel material as well!

Acting Classes for Beginners

Get Access To Our Exclusive Community

If you ask our east coast students what they love about our class they’ll be quick to explain the sense of community in the school. Our students are like family, and everyone is there to help each other in their careers and watch everyone succeed together.

So when you enroll as a student with Innovative Actor’s Studio you get exclusive access to our private Facebook Group! We use this as a hub to coordinate everything about the school as well as offer deals, opportunities, and casting notices to students whenever they are available!

Lock In Your Legacy Rate Now

Bob recently moved back to Los Angeles after building one of the most successful acting schools in south Florida - The Actor’s Group Orlando - and started his new school here to bring his techniques back to where his career began.

In consideration of this we are offering our “inaugural class” of students a locked-in legacy tuition rate with no contract, no long-term commitment, and no risk.

All you need to do to lock in your legacy rate is book a free introductory class below!

See what we do, work with Bob, and if we’re a good fit for each other you’ll be welcomed in with your legacy rate locked in. You have nothing to lose and it's 100% no-risk.

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