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“Working with Bob Caso and TAG was one of the best experiences of my life as an actor.”

-Lowrie Fawly

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Welcome to The Actor’s Group Orlando! You have found the top Orlando acting classes in Florida. Led by a 30-year experienced professional of the craft, TAG is the go-to place for the best instruction that you cannot find anywhere else. We’ll even show you, no-risk. Go ahead and fill out that form on the right for a 100% free introductory class so you can see how we work. Our Lead Instructor is not only an experienced actor but an award-winning screenwriter and producer as well. The experience he brings to our students is unparalleled in Orlando, as you’ll see when you book your free class.

Why The Actor’s Group Orlando?

Our students get more actual results than some Orlando acting classes combined. Signing with agents, booking projects and more are what we train you for – not just some completely theoretical technique. We’re talking hard-hitting and real-world acting methodology. Not just to improve your ability to perform, but to actually expand your career. The incredible results of our students speak for themselves, with many signing with agents, booking gigs, and growing in their careers after joining us.

Because, when it comes down to it, all of the esoteric little tricks in the world won’t matter if you don’t land the job. That’s our focus in the classes offered at our Orlando acting school, the no-nonsense tools to make a real difference in your performance and your career. In the here and now. With the most top-shelf performance training, professional services, and instruction on getting out there and getting results, we know you’ll find a happy home here. Once you’re with us you’re considered a member of the family, and we do everything we can to support each other. We have acting classes for beginners as well.

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By all means, explore the site and learn about our lead instructor and what we offer. Dig into the nuances of our methods. Learn more about classes offered at our acting school in Orlando, FL. See the incredible successes of our students. Learn what we’re all about here at The Actor’s Group. And when you’re ready to take your career to the next level fill out that form on your right for a free introductory class. I’ll be in touch as soon as you do to help get you rolling!

This free class will take you through the paces of our method. You’ll get to see Bob Caso work with students directly and then work with him yourself. He’ll take you through the paces of bringing out a character and a performance that wasn’t there when you walked in. Our method is powerful and precise, which you’ll see as Bob helps you explore the core of the character. Don’t take my word for it, fill the form out and see for yourself!

What Our Orlando Acting Classes Are All About

Orlando acting classes come in every shape and variety – from Meisner technique to strict method approaches, to improv-based, to everything in between. How can you know what techniques, or what Orlando acting classes, are going to work best for you? Below I’ll break down each component of our methodology and explain how we approach developing you into a fully-fledged, successful performer.

Monologue Work: One core component of acting schools in Orlando technique lies in comprehensive monologue work. Bob will take you through the step-by-step of developing a character from scratch. Be it drama, comedy, or whatever else, Bob will teach you the ins and outs of finding that character and delivering a convincing performance. Acting lessons help to polish acting skills.

Scene Study: The next piece of this puzzle is in scene study and learning how to interact with other characters and actors. The best actor in the world is wasted if they can’t craft a story over the course of a scene. Bob is a master of this and will take you through the steps of exploring a scene. From the story beats to the emotion, to help both you and your scene partner look better.

Improvisation: Every actor knows that when you book a project you’ll typically be provided a script. So why bother with improvisation? Improv isn’t about sketch comedy or mere exercises, it teaches you how to think on your feet. Some of cinema’s best scenes had improvised elements and being able to be creative as an actor always makes your performance stand out. Bob and his team are experienced in improv and can help you refine this fantastic skill.

Script Analysis: What makes a story tick? How do you pick out the key elements that define your character? Bob will work with you to develop the skill of analyzing a script and drawing a character out from it. The ability to fully understand the writer’s intent is vital, and something Bob is well-versed in, given that he’s written and produced award-winning screenplays and films.

Private Facebook Group: One of the biggest benefits to our Orlando acting classes is our private, student-only Facebook group. This is not only for updates about the class and for students to support each other. We also post casting notices, audition opportunities, and information about the industry that is incredibly valuable. Beyond that, it’s also a fantastic community that our students have built. Our acting coach in Orlando has years of experience.

The Workshops: Another feature of our acting school that students love is our regular workshops. From commercial workshops, self-taping workshops, to meet-and-greets with agents, managers, and casting directors, we cover the gamut. Our Orlando acting workshops and opportunities bring massive value to our students and are included completely free in the tuition cost.

Take The Plunge – You’ve Got Nothing To Lose

By the way, my name’s Vince, I run the class’s administration behind-the-scenes. I’m here to help you through every step of the process – from the very early stags of visiting this site, up to helping you land those gigs. So don’t worry, this isn’t some impersonal, sanitized, corporate-whatever. We’re real people, and we’re really here to make sure you have the career you have always wanted.

Just fill out that form to your right, and I’ll personally be in touch to help you get onto the next step!

Looking forward to it,
Vince Caso – TAG

We’re here to make sure you have the acting skills and career you have always wanted.

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