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Student Testimonial

“Bob was able to correct little things that not only improved my acting; but my communicating with people in everyday life. After studying with many ‘method’ teachers I was pleased to find an approach that just boiled it down to common sense. If you have a chance to study with Bob, I highly recommend you do it.”
— Joe Schofield

“Bob Caso was able to teach me acting in a way that was very easy and brought immediate results that everybody was able to see! It was an exceptional experience and I recommend it to anybody who wants to get to the next level while enjoying their journey! He is gifted!”
— Saranda Rexhaj

“I trained with Bob Caso for only a short while, but learned more in that small amount of time than I thought possible. He takes what he does very seriously and brings great energy to every situation. He will push your limits and encourage you to reach your full potential. He believes in his students and truly cares about their success. If you have years of experience or no experience, you will learn something valuable. My confidence as an actor has greatly increased after taking his class. I will definitely continue training with Bob for years to come. He truly is an exceptional mentor and a wonderful person.” — Christine R.

“The Actors Group Orlando has inspired me to take a ‘character’ & give it a voice. I can not express how much Bob Caso has taught me in the last 7 months I have been in class. I have no fear when it comes to finding my characters truth. I look forward to my journey as an actor. On this journey I have a team which is my fellow classmates & teacher that inspire me to always stand my ground as an actor, be in present time & find the truth in my character. The class is so much more than just a class, it is a family that shares wins & also inspires you to be the best at achieving your dream. We laugh, cry & have a bond that makes us rise to the top. The talent that is in the class no words can describe. I am so blessed to have this talented group of people in my life & we are all killing it. So what are you waiting for get your ass in class!” — Chloe Gordon

“I walked into Actors Group Orlando with very little training, very little experience and a below zero confidence level. I wasn’t quite sure if acting was something I would be able to do, despite my desire to do it. However, after my first day of class I walked out feeling like a new person. I was all at once excited, inspired, and encouraged. Bob is extremely talented, there is no doubt about that. But what I love most about him not only as teacher, but as a human being, is his heart. He cares about his students and wants to see them ‘WIN’. I can’t express the amount of love I have for Bob and my fellow classmates. Monday and Wednesday nights are definitely nights that I look forward every week!” — Marshay Weaver

“This is the second month that I have taken Bob’s class and I have grown leaps and bounds since starting. Showing emotion in a piece was hard for me, simply because I was unsure how to do it and I was simply afraid of emotion. Bob teaches you how to show that emotion by 1st) teaching you how to find the “truth” of your character by asking the right questions, and 2nd) by finding what makes you tick as a person. As an actor, we have to wear our emotions on our sleeves so that we can be emotional for those who can’t or choose not to be. Bob’s class is a judge-free zone. If there is something happening outside of class that hinders us from being able to perform, we are able to let it all out in class with our class mates, our friends. It’s almost therapeutic in a way. Bob gives us the building blocks we need to be able to stand our ground, even if we have to perform with thin air. I recently had a break through with my acting, and though I still have a ways to go, I now feel that I am able to give life to words instead of just acting them. I am confident in myself and no longer afraid to show emotion of any kind when performing.” — Samantha Berman

“I heard about the class when I met Bob at a film group. He had such a joy in the craft and real life view of the industry that I thought I’d enjoy learning with him. That same joy and drive comes through every week. From breaking down the text to discover the inner workings of the character. To talking through the audition process with a difficult casting director. Bob loves actors and truly wants us to succeed. There’s a saying “Those who can’t do teach.” That doesn’t apply here. He is doing AND teaching, and loving it and it works!” — Rachael Levi

“Bob Caso has an innate ability, with just a few words in the student’s ear and no-nonsense technique, to bring that student out of a simple line reading into the beginnings of a performance. He removes the ‘mystique’ of acting and goes right to the soul of acting. I’ve spent years searching for this type of instruction.” — Victor M.

“People tend to think that acting is about reading the lines, closing their eyes and emotionally wishing the character to life. It is much more than that; every character that is given to you has a voice, a certain personality that sets them apart from others. It is the actor’s job to do his homework to find out who that character is to bring them to life accordingly. The actor cannot just be doing whatever he wants to, yes, he can have fun while performing his character and sometimes use his own experience to bring the character to life but he must stay true to the character’s essence. In shorter terms one cannot be a lazy actor! This is one of the biggest and most important points I have learned from my mentor / friend Bob Caso. With The Actor’s Group Orlando, not only have I become a more confident actor but I am also surrounded by great other talents in my class that continue to inspire me to always look higher. When it comes to doing brilliant work, my classmates go hard and it’s about time that you did too. I would strongly recommend that you join us.” — Sophiane Cineus

“I’ve been attending The Actor’s group Orlando for a short time and I can already see the difference in my acting. He pushes me to go above and beyond and I love it. The class is fun and judgement-free. We are all equal and we have a great support system. I audited the first class and I’ve been going ever since. Thank you Maestro!!!” — Michelle Viana

“I have been to a few acting classes, workshops and seminars and always felt like a number. There are very few places where you can find a teacher who treats each student as an individual and takes the time to know and understand all their students. However, Bob Caso does just that! The first day I audited this class what spoke to me was his ability to be “aware”. That is the actors job, to be aware of the character and it’s objective but Bob also does this with his students. He just knows when something is bothering the actor and what’s blocking their ability to work even when it’s another student watching who is being affected. Its an amazing circle of trust and the energy shared in this room is one I have never felt in any other class. Together we share laughter, tears, and an appreciation for each other. The passion that radiates through Bob is contagious and makes me as an actor wanting to come in to class everyday and give my best. The work done in this class is art and it is stunning to watch Bob create layer after layer and the actor discovering and unfolding them in their work. I have signed with four agencies since being in this class, booked numerous commercials, a TV Pilot..and been invited to a seminar in New York this upcoming winter to meet some agents and casting directors there. I have developed confidence, a stronger sense of professionalism and a greater understanding of the actor’s job. I could keep going on and on but I shall leave you with this. People in smaller markets such as Orlando tend to flock when they hear someone from a bigger market such as ‘LA’ is coming into town for a workshop…PEOPLE, LA IS HERE check out Bob Caso’s demo reel…he has over 25 years of ‘WORKING’ IN LA and I do stress the word ‘working’ because that is a common over-used term and misconception. Training is ongoing because an actor never stops working..all it takes is to audit one class and you too will experience something you have never seen or felt in a class before. I have come so far and enjoy challenging myself because I am no longer…trapped in a box of wanting to perform… now I know the meaning of truly telling the characters story. I wont give away any more secrets..see you in class or at an audition…but for your sake I hope we meet in class 🙂 #beastmode” — Natalia Averills

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