The Actor’s Group Orlando: Monologue, Scene, & On Camera Seminar


Welcome to The Actor’s Group Orlando’s Monologue, Scene, & On Camera Seminar, a power-packed 3-day workshop for all serious actors ages 15 and up. Over the course of 3 days you will drill the precise intricacies of character development, scene work, and audition technique that have produced such great results for our regular students.

The workshop is being delivered by Bob Caso, 25-year Los Angeles veteran of the craft. Bob has appeared in such shows as “Beverly Hills 90210,” “Crusade,” and “Devious Maids.” His film credits include leading roles in HBO’s “The Naked Truth,” “Out of the Wilderness” (opposite David Carradine), and “Ocean Tribe,” which won Best Picture at the LA Film Festival. He recently appeared in “FDR: American Badass!” and filmed dual roles in a feature shot just outside of Orlando, “Ring the Bell.” Bob can also be seen in commercials for Pepsi, Verizon, and as the Toyota “Go To Guy”. His many voiceover characters can be heard on over 70 audio books and commercials. Also a screenwriter, Bob continues his TV, film and commercial career in Orlando and is in the process of producing three screenplays (the first of which, In Between Days, recently wrapped principal photography.) He is passionate about helping local talent to succeed, and he has more time on-camera than most typical teachers combined.

Expect intense 1-on-1 coaching, eye-opening lectures, and definite results from someone who has been there and done it: 25-year veteran actor, writer, and producer Bob Caso. If you’ve heard all you need to hear, simply click the button below to register. Otherwise, our curriculum and testimonials are detailed below!



HB Plant High School
2415 S. Himes Ave.
Tampa, FL 33629

FRIDAY MAY 8th 5:30 pm – 10:00 pm (4.5 HOURS)


  1. Who am I, and what do I teach?
  2. The truth about the “business” that you aren’t being told.
  3. Disclosure of the false information on acting that you’ve been fed.
  4. What is the actual job of an actor?
  5. What a CRITIQUE should sound like from an instructor.
  6. How to spot covert CRITICISM – a hidden killer.
  7. On-set etiquette
  8. “Early is on time, on time is late and late is fired!”



  1. Why monologues?
  2. Benefits to the actor and their importance
  3. Breakdown a monologue and the importance of BEATS!
  4. Finding the character’s pathology, tone, condition, wants, and above all, “given circumstances”.
  5. Drilling into the “who, why, where, when, and how” of the character
  6. Performance warm-ups and music
  7. Mastering the secrets of LISTENING
  8. Mastering the POWER of STILLNESS
  9. On-Camera Monologue Presentations
  10. Q&A and Closing Comments


SATURDAY MAY 9th 10:00 am – 5:00 pm (7 HOURS)

On-Camera Monologue Presentations


On-Camera Monologue Presentations


  1. Decoding the writer’s intent.
  2. Breaking down objectives and their sub-objectives.
  3. The importance of beats, punctuation, and rhythm.
  4. “Sticking to the script!” and WHY?
  5. What does “making it your own” really mean?
  6. What is being said between the lines?
  7. The internal monologue.
  8. The power of Intention and how to achieve a goal.
  9. Being present for your scene partner even if they are not.
  10. The secrets of MOVEMENT.
  11. “ATTITUDE” and the Actor’s “APERTURE”.
  12. HITTING your marks.


SUNDAY MAY 10th 10:00 am – 5:00 pm (7 HOURS)

Scenes Presentations


Scenes Presentations

Re-shoot Monologue Presentations


  1. Unlocking confidence.
  2. The hidden relationship between Communicating and Creating
  3. The higher purpose of the artist.
  4. The WRONG way of “thinking” and self-criticism
  5. The importance of the artist to a culture.
  6. Being “realistic” about a career or goal.
  7. What to look for when choosing a class to study with.


By the end of this seminar you will have a new-found confidence in your sheer ability as an actor, and an action plan to take the next step in your career. See what our students have to say:

“Bob Caso was able to teach me acting in a way that was very easy and brought immediate results that everybody was able to see! It was an exceptional experience and I recommend it to anybody who wants to get to the next level while enjoying their journey! He is gifted!”
— Saranda Rexhaj

“Bob was able to correct little things that not only improved my acting; but my communicating with people in everyday life. After studying with many ‘method’ teachers I was pleased to find an approach that just boiled it down to common sense. If you have a chance to study with Bob, I highly recommend you do it.”
— Joe Schofield

“I have been to a few acting classes, workshops and seminars and always felt like a number. There are very few places where you can find a teacher who treats each student as an individual and takes the time to know and understand all their students. However, Bob Caso does just that! He just knows when something is bothering the actor and what’s blocking their ability to work. The work done in this class is art and it is stunning to watch Bob create layer after layer and the actor discovering and unfolding them in their work. I have signed with four agencies since being in this class, booked numerous commercials, a TV Pilot…and been invited to a seminar in New York this upcoming winter to meet some agents and casting directors there. I have developed confidence, a stronger sense of professionalism and a greater understanding of the actor’s job.” 
— Natalia Averills

“I trained with Bob Caso for only a short while, but learned more in that small amount of time than I thought possible. He takes what he does very seriously and brings great energy to every situation. My confidence as an actor has greatly increased after taking his class. I will definitely continue training with Bob for years to come. He truly is an exceptional mentor and a wonderful person.”
— Christine R.

“The Actors Group has inspired me to take a ‘character’ & give it a voice. I can not express how much Bob Caso has taught me in the last 7 months I have been in class. I have no fear when it comes to finding my character’s truth. The talent that is in the class no words can describe. I am so blessed to have this talented group of people in my life & we are all killing it. So what are you waiting for get your ass in class!”
— Chloe Gordon

“I walked into Actors Group Orlando with very little training, very little experience and a below zero confidence level. However, after my first day of class I walked out feeling like a new person. I was all at once excited, inspired, and encouraged. Bob is extremely talented, there is no doubt about that. But what I love most about him not only as teacher, but as a human being, is his heart. He cares about his students and wants to see them ‘WIN’.”
— Marshay Weaver

“This is the second month that I have taken Bob’s class and I have grown leaps and bounds since starting. Showing emotion in a piece was hard for me, simply because I was unsure how to do it and I was simply afraid of emotion. Bob’s class is a judge-free zone. I recently had a break through with my acting, and though I still have a ways to go, I now feel that I am able to give life to words instead of just acting them. I am confident in myself and no longer afraid to show emotion of any kind when performing.”
— Samantha Berman

“Bob loves actors and truly wants us to succeed. There’s a saying ‘Those who can’t do, teach.’ That doesn’t apply here. He is doing AND teaching, and loving it and it works!”
— Rachael Levi

“Bob Caso has an innate ability, with just a few words in the student’s ear and no-nonsense technique, to bring that student out of a simple line reading into the beginnings of a performance. He removes the ‘mystique’ of acting and goes right to the soul of acting. I’ve spent years searching for this type of instruction.”
— Victor M.

“With The Actor’s Group Orlando, not only have I become a more confident actor but I am also surrounded by great other talents in my class that continue to inspire me to always look higher. When it comes to doing brilliant work, my classmates go hard and it’s about time that you did too. I would strongly recommend that you join us.”
— Sophiane Cineus

“I’ve been attending The Actor’s group Orlando for a short time and I can already see the difference in my acting. He pushes me to go above and beyond and I love it. The class is fun and judgement-free. We are all equal and we have a great support system. I audited the first class and I’ve been going ever since. Thank you Maestro!!!”
— Michelle Viana
The tuition for this power-packed weekend is only $215, a fraction of the value that this workshop delivers. Due to the intensive one-on-one nature of this workshop, we are allowing only 18 attendees. The deadline for registration is May 5th, so click below now to secure your spot before it fills up!

We look forward to you being our next success story.


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