13 Tips for Nailing your Audition

No doubt, booking an acting role is basic for any upcoming actor. It is a verification the industry offers to you as an actor. An approval you have to work extra hard for. Regardless, before proving your eligibility to them, you have to get familiar with ‘booking the audition’ first. 

Becoming a great actor is a long journey. Like any other skill, you have to be committed to becoming good.  No athlete ever got into the Olympics by sitting and watching TV fantasizing about winning a gold medal. Athletes are always on the field working their bodies out. If you desire to be a great actor, be like an athlete; attend acting classes.

You will only succeed if you do the work, so if you’re not interested in increasing your success chances, no need to read on. However, if your goal is to start booking those jobs, this is what you need to do as soon as you get those sides.

Print your Script

Avoid being that actor who scrolls through their iPad or phone. Trust me, it’s not cool at all, and it can mess up your audition. Be obvious; print them down, and if you can’t access a printer, then write them down.

Memorize your Lines

You’d be surprised by the number of people who attend auditions unprepared. If you’re frequently referencing your sides, you’ll be out of your scene within a blink of an eye. Go through the scene with someone or find a quiet spot to rehearse – it will be optimal. 

Besides, ensure you engage your inner thoughts and intentions.

Pro Tip: Anything can happen in auditions. Don’t be so attached to your script choices; however, a prepared actor is much better than one who performs impulsively.


As what and who are you coming to the show? Especially if it’s a series, ensure you watch a few episodes to familiarize yourself with the show style. At least know the difference between multi-camera and single-camera. Also, check out the screenwriter or playwright to know the common themes they use in their work.

Picture yourself as the character

You are this character now. Relate with the character background analysis and perform all the exercises listed in their books. Reading alone will not help if you don’t practice them.

Audition Day

So, the D-day is here. Hopefully, you’re well-prepared and relaxed. This is how you succeed.

Start the day as the character

Directors are always looking for a performance that comes from an instinctual place and not an intellectual one. How would the character roll out of bed or brush his teeth? What music does he listen to? Ignite your creativity early. By being open to your character’s habits, your body will naturally adjust your thoughts and behaviors with the character.


If there’s anything you shouldn’t forget before your audition, it’s meditation. Take time to silence your mind and relax. It releases all the anxiety and helps you stay focused on the challenge ahead. There are various five to twenty minutes meditations online that can help you.

Envision the audition as you Wait

Once you enter the waiting room, you will sign your name, role, and the time you arrived. Here, even experienced actors become nervous and start second-guessing their potential. Well, you don’t have to worry. You’re different. You’re well-rehearsed and confident. Relax. Stay calm. Think about your character and ignore everyone else. Imagine yourself having the best audition.

Be Confident

Self-consciousness ruins a good actor. For you to succeed in the audition room, you have to avoid second-guessing yourself or your character. Confidence will prevent you from having a mental roadblock that hinders performance.

The casting team has a way of identifying confidence in an actor right away. Meaning, you have to own confidence as soon as you walk into the room. When auditioning, being nervous is different from being uncertain. It’s human to be nervous, but you can’t distrust the choices you’re about to make.

The more experienced you’re, the easier the auditioning process. But that doesn’t mean as a beginner, you have to undergo a series of failed auditions for you to book a job. Attending acting classes can make you confident enough that you have goosebumps because of how ready you’re to perform.

Tone it down

When it comes to acting, less is more, especially if you have a theater background. Casting directors are more interested in a conversational style – something real and subtle. Avoid those dramatic facial expressions and gestures while on stage. Maintain a grounded performance.

Dress the attitude, not the part

An elaborate costume distracts the directors’ visualization of you in the role. However, spicing up the character’s vibe a little will help you feel connected to the character.

Interact with your lines

Sometimes, we mispronounce words or stumble over them. If acting is real, why not include things that happen naturally in real life? Memorizing your lines is critical, but don’t beat yourself to it if you stumble over words.. Pause. Have a moment to yourself, get back on track, and continue with your lines. Chances are, the directors will assume you’re making a choice. The worst you can do is apologize or make excuses. No director hires an actor that makes excuses.

Be Flexible

Sometimes, a director may request you to make an adjustment even when you’re doing well with the audition. Don’t panic. Most likely, the director wants to confirm that you can take direction. They don’t want to hire you then get complaints from production that you’re too rigid. You need to understand that being asked to adjust is nothing personal. It’s absolutely part of the job.

Say thank you and be Optimistic

After auditioning, remember to thank the casting team for having you and leave with your head held high. Also, have it in mind that however good you’re, you might not get the part. That’s the sad reality.  The trick here is to be optimistic. Learn from the audition and maintain your enthusiasm and dedication.


If you get so nervous during auditions, I believe these thirteen practices will help you out.  You might think you wasted your effort anytime you didn’t get that gig, but that’s not true. 

Note that time is of the essence in the journey to becoming a great actor. Experience comes with time, and experiences boost confidence in artistry. 

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