Rules For Hollywood Success

Movies have become some of the most successful commodities in the world, with companies Like Marvel and Disney reaping large profits from their movies. The love for these movies is clear to see as people from all over the world relate to and watch these movies pushing some movies and indeed some actors into cult-like status. Although a lot goes into making a movie, the actors contribute to the film’s success to a large extent. But, no one is born a great actor. Many go through rigorous acting classes to get a shot. An acting class helps actors understand how to portray different roles, naturally demonstrate emotions, and use their body language to bring a character to life. 

Even with the best acting classes, there is still a lot you need to do as an individual to be a success in Hollywood. For every successful actor we know, there are probably dozens of talented professionals yet to get their break. Many think it only takes good looks to succeed in Hollywood, but a lot goes into being successful in the industry. 

Give And Take

Hollywood is an industry that relies heavily on the people already in it. Unlike other industries where qualifications are often enough to have a good shot at success, the acting scene is a little different. Hollywood can sense entitlement; the experts in the industry can quickly catch on to this thus avoiding you making your attempt to rise in the industry much harder. 

Many people looking for a break in the industry will often accept smaller roles in the beginning as a way to showcase their talents. Regardless of the role’s size, you should do your best to showcase your talents. Ironically, putting yourself out there in Hollywood and working smart is a great way to be noticed when you go for auditions. In essence, Hollywood rewards on merit. Since there are so many amazing actors looking for their breakthroughs, you have to do more to be noticed. 

Great Work Ethic

Industry experts love a good work ethic; an actor who easily takes instructions and delivers with ease. Sometimes a great work ethic can be as simple as showing up on time. You should also exude positive energy. A quick search online of the most successful actors will show you a list of people filled with positive energy and ready to tackle any obstacle in their way. This is not by accident, as positivity exudes even through the screens. Movie lovers can easily notice the efforts and commitment of an actor by how they portray the character. 

However, in the beginning, since you may not have had many roles to show your positivity and enthusiasm in film, your character should be your ambassador. Experts believe that a person who exhumed positive energy is easier to work with and will go the extra mile to make the role their own. 

Attract Who You Want

 Hollywood has a reputation for the high life, with fame and money at the forefront. Over time, most actors often attract the wrong company. The people you associate with play an important role in your Hollywood journey. During interviews, most famous actors often mention other famous actors they started acting with. They often mention how they struggled together and grew together. They often state how they trained and rehearsed for endless hours together, pushing each other to be better.

The truth is, it is very difficult to succeed in Hollywood alone. You need a support system from others in the industry. People who will motivate you and help you drive yourself to be better. If you are superficial and in it for the money and fame, you will likely attract similar individuals. This can lead you to constantly party, associate with the wrong crowd, and forget to do the work. 

In Hollywood, the saying “show me your friends, and I will tell you who you are” is often true. Many miss opportunities because of who they associate with. With social media playing a big role in our lives today, no one wants to cast someone who is always in the limelight for the wrong reasons. This extends to who you associate with because people can quickly join the dots and judge you according to who you associate with. 

Ask For Help

As we have just mentioned, it is difficult to succeed alone in Hollywood. It would be best if you had friends who would encourage and motivate you. However, even more importantly, you need to ask for help! 

Many actors have joined acting communities of like-minded individuals and industry experience. Most of these acting communities want to help upcoming talent succeed in the industry. They will extend help to those with commitment and determination without bias. 

The community leaders will often give you a heads-up on roles they think you would be good at. Furthermore, in such acting communities, you can practice in front of a crowd, which can help you build audition confidence. Many people are often stable during auditions, but by practicing in front of your acting community, you stand a better chance to overcome shyness during the actual auditions.  

These acting communities often initiate collaborations amongst their members. Collaborations are a great way to showcase your talents and build your portfolio. But at the same time, it is a great way to grow your talent and sharpen your skills. 

Be Proactive, Not Reactive

Hollywood is always changing; with movies now reliant on CGI and animation, actors have had to adapt to stay relevant in the industry. As an aspiring actor, it is therefore important to work with the hand you have been dealt and proactively find opportunities yourself. In areas like CGI and animation, you may not work with other actors simultaneously, so learning to change your performance style has become important. 

Talking of being proactive, many upcoming actors have now turned to social media platforms like TikTok to showcase their talents and even make production-level short films. Such adaptive measures have allowed the industry to take notice of such talents leading to more opportunities. As a result, the actors who are more willing to adapt to changes in the industry often find more success.

One of the most underrated attributes of successful actors in Hollywood is gratitude. Many actors during interviews will often thank a mentor or someone who helped them get ahead in the industry. The more grateful an actor is, the more people are willing to help, and the more their growth. 

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