Tips on Acting for the Camera

Acting for the camera can seem so easy when performed by a professional. However, there are numerous nuances to it. From your pose to everything involved in staying in character, it can be a little overwhelming for a newbie. To be a professional actor in Orlando, you’ll need to master all the necessary tricks (and more) to cut it.

Difference Between Acting for the Camera and Live Theater

To the untrained eye, acting is no different regardless of the setting. However, professionals will know that there are huge differences between acting on stage in a live theater and doing it on camera.

Acting on stage means that the distance between the audience and the proscenium could be far, making your voice an integral factor in whatever you do on stage. Clarity will need to be a consideration in every word and sound you make. This means ensuring that you project your voice loud enough but not too much; you want to ensure that you hit just the right timbre. This is not an important consideration when acting for the camera. As long as you can maintain regular cadences, the camera will pick up the sounds well. Additionally, you’ll need to be very aware of your body language when performing in a live theater. Acting for the camera, on the other hand, does not require you to exaggerate your body language to produce the desired effect; the right amount of facial expression will do the trick.

Another key difference between acting in a live theater and on camera involves the duration of pauses. Typically, there are long pauses involved when you perform on stage. While this can make it a bit difficult to remain in character for long periods, it’s easier on your energy levels. The reverse is true for acting on camera. It’s easier to stay in character although your energy levels will suffer.

Acting for the Camera: Things to Keep in Mind

When acting in front of the camera, be aware of the following things at all times:

1)Camera Position

You need to be aware of where the camera is situated at all times whenever performing. It helps to think of the camera’s position as your audience. Of course, such awareness doesn’t mean you need to stare directly into the camera very often. For example, if the camera is situated directly in front of you, try to look slightly to the side whenever a performance requires this angle. This ensures that your eyes do not appear to flit back and forth.

When the camera’s position is to your side, always turn your head slightly when performing to ensure that your facial expressions are picked up at an angle.

If the camera position is behind you, ensure to never block the view completely unless the scene requires it.

2) Utilizing Props and Furniture to Your Advantage

Props and furniture are crucial when performing in front of the camera. Using them correctly can significantly enhance your performance. This is not an advantage that is offered by live theater performances where you’ll usually have to work with what’s available to you. For example, you can use the furniture to help fill the frame while ensuring your face’s visibility to the camera.

When sitting down, ensure to assume a comfortable posture that allows you to project your emotions and character well. For instance, if a sofa is where you’ll need to sit while performing on set, you can fluff up the cushions to ensure that you sit well while delivering your performance. Always ensure to use the props in conjunction with the camera position to avoid blocking your face or the camera angle.

3) Warm up Before Shooting</h2>

It’s easy to assume that you can wake up and instantly produce a world-class acting performance once you’ve mastered the necessary tips. This isn’t usually the case. Much like athletes do, you’ll need a quick dress rehearsal before the real thing. This ensures that you get in the right frame of mind considering the mental and physical demands of acting.

Vocal exercises are great to get you started. This ensures that you can produce a particular vocal effect when the need arises.

Physical exercises like stretching can also help to warm you up. If you’re into yoga, it can be a good way to get ready for a scene quickly.

If possible, rehearse the particular scene to be performed. You can do so in front of a mirror or with a partner. This helps you get in the right frame of mind quickly and can identify any issues you may need to address before the actual set. 

Visualization exercises can also be of great help. You can picture yourself executing a particular scene several times over. This will get you ready mentally.

4) Keep Your Energy

An often-ignored aspect of acting is the toll it can take on the performers. Having to shoot a particular scene over and over can quickly lead to mental fatigue. This can result in a flat performance that could detract from the whole scene’s intent. Maintaining your energy levels is crucial to avoid such situations.

Always get enough rest a day or two before shooting a scene. This ensures that issues like inadequate sleep don’t hamper your concentration and (ultimately) your performance. Ensure to stay well-hydrated throughout.

During the shooting of a scene, always try to take as many breaks as allowed. This ensures that your focus is always on point whenever you’re performing a scene. While this can be hard to do when you’re caught up in the thick of the acting action, setting reminders to take regular breaks will be beneficial to your overall performance.

Listening to music can also be a welcome distraction as you take breaks between scenes.

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